Fulbright Hint #9

It’s getting down to the wire now! Remember the campus Fulbright Deadline is:

As I look over the list of applicants on Embark, I still see that some of you have NOT filled in the basic data about the country or program that you are applying to. DO THIS NOW!!! It is very important to complete this basic data – especially since there are different instructions for ETA vs. Full Fulbright recommenders. Your recommenders will not be happy if they complete the wrong form because you left a field blank. So avoid these embarrassing situations and fill in the country and program info on your application.
Also note that your letters of Recommendation are due by Tuesday 9/15 along with your applications. Make sure all your recommenders know about this deadline.

Make every effort to attend the WRITING WORKSHOPS. We know that students who seek and receive feedback are more successful – plan to attend as many of these workshops as you can. They will be held on:

• Tuesday, September 1 4-5 pm 225-B Eggers
• Wednesday, September 2 10-11 am 225-B Eggers
• Friday, September 4 2-3 pm 209 Eggers (room change)
• Tuesday, September 8 3-4 pm 341 Eggers
• Wednesday, September 9 10-11 am 225-B Eggers
• Friday, September 11 3-4 pm 209 Eggers (room change)

Each time you attend a writing session, you need to bring 5 paper copies of both your essays.

And don’t forget the IIE webnairs for applicants found at: FPA Workshops & Webinars – there are 2 webnairs scheduled next week.

To meet the SU Campus deadline you need to hit the SUBMIT button on the Fulbright (Embark) application website by 12 noon on Tuesday September 15.
If you do not submit an application on the Embark application website by Tuesday, September 15th, I will assume that you have withdrawn from the application process.

Here is a check list of what you must complete before noon deadline on Tuesday, 9/15:
• The application form – questions 1-49, “sign” and date question #49
• The Statement of Grant Purpose
• Your Personal Statement
• All Transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable for this on-campus use only)
• Your Language Self-Evaluation form (if required)
• The letter of affiliation (Full Fulbrights only)
• Creative Art Supplementary Materials (if required)
• I will print copies of your letters/forms of reference and the FLE from your on-line application for the campus committee. But I can only do so IF those materials are completed by your referees and evaluators. (see #1 above)

Once you hit that Submit button, if for any reason, your application is not complete, send me an email that includes details about what is missing – i.e.:
• If a letter of affiliation is not available – tell me what you have done to secure one, with which organization, and any other pertinent info.
• If a transcript is missing – tell me which one and when you expect to receive it (then send me a copy separately as soon as possible)
• If a reference letter missing, include the following info in your email to me: the full name of the recommender, his/her email and phone #, and when s/he has told you to expect the recommendation.

Here’s what will happen After September 15th
1. Your full application package will be sent to your SU interview committee
2. Within 5 business days you will be contacted by your interview committee who will let you know when and where you must present yourself for your interview.
3. Within 2-3 days, I will un-submit your application – i.e. it will be ‘returned’ to you. You will then be able to continue to edit your application on-line – based on input from your interviews, etc. – up until the Fulbright deadline.
4. You will need to do a final – a REAL – SUBMIT by the Fulbright Deadline (more on that in #5).

• Each applicant who completes and turns in a Fulbright application on September 15th will be interviewed by a 2 person team from SU’s Fulbright Campus Committee. The SU Campus evaluations become part of your official Fulbright application and are required for every applicant who is a currently enrolled student.
o Your interview team can only evaluate you on what is available to them. If information is missing from your application – i.e., if your recommendation materials are not complete – that may have a negative impact on your evaluation.
o The interviewers are expected to evaluate you on your professional and personal qualifications, the feasibility of your proposed project, your motivation and adaptability to a different cultural environment, your knowledge of the host country, their impression of how you will represent the USA, and, if appropriate, your language qualifications.
• All interviews will be held on the SU campus between September 21 and October 2. Your interview team will inform you of the date, time, and place for your interview. Each interview is approximately ½ hour long and you are expected to conform to the interview team’s schedule.
• The only applicant who has informed me that he not in CNY and needs to have a phone interview is Charles Tuthill. All other applicants will be interviewed in person on the SU campus.
If you have a special interview need – email me immediately with the following information:
o Your Name
o Your location between 9/21-10/2 including city, state and country
o Your phone #

The final Fulbright deadline is Tuesday October 13th. HOWEVER, YOU will be required to submit your application (officially and finally) by MONDAY, OCTOBER 12th AT 5 P.M.
The reason for this earlier deadline is that every year the Fulbright website either slows down horribly or crashes on the day of the deadline (ok – so it only actually and totally crashed 1 year out of the last 6). But the bottom line is you can’t wait, because I have to submit your application after you do – and I will not be responsible for anything ‘bad’ that happens if you cannot submit your application due to “technical problems.” Fulbright doesn’t give any of us any leeway for technical issues!