Fulbright Hint #8


RecommendationsAll your recommendations and Language Evaluations (if needed) must be completed by September 15th!  Remind your recommenders that they need to enter their letters, forms, etc. by 9/15.

Question #48b on the application asks for the recommendation due date

And each time your register a referee or a language evaluator, they ask the deadline question again

Make sure that you enter 09-15-2015 in both places.

To submit your Fulbright to the SU committee you need to create a PDF of the entire application and email it to me no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, 9/15. Warning! Do not hit the “submit” button on the on-line application. You will only do that when you actually send your application to the IIE-Fulbright.

To create your application PDF

  • You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  There are directions to download a free copy of this program on the Embark application. Remember to allow pop-ups from the Fulbright Website.
  • Next, click “preview” on each page and save the document(s) as a PDF.  Do NOT save the actual application with fields – it is 3-4 pages for each page of PDF and it difficult for the evaluators to read – unformatted applications will NOT be accepted.
  • You will be saving each page as a separate PDF document.  Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to combine all the pages into a single PDF document (use the “Create” drop down box in the upper left corner).
    • label your application as follows:  LAST NAME, First Name – FB 2015


Here is a check list of what you need include in your email to me (sent before noon on Tuesday, 9/15):

  • The application form – questions 1-49, “sign” and date question #49
  • The Statement of Grant Purpose
  • Your Personal Statement
  • All Transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable for this on-campus use only)
  • Your Language Self-Evaluation form (if required)
  • The letter of affiliation (Full Fulbrights only)
  • Creative Art Supplementary Materials (if required)
  • I will print copies of your letters/forms of reference and language evaluations from your on-line application for the campus committee.  But I can only do so IF those materials are completed by your referees and evaluators!.

All applications received by 9/15 will be assigned to a campus Fulbright team and all applicants will be interviewed by that team (see notes on “Campus Interviews” below).

IF you are not in Central NY between Sept. 18 and Oct. 2, then I NEED TO KNOW THAT IMMEDIATELY so I can make special interview arrangements for you.  Email me immediately and tell me what city/state/country you will be in if you aren’t going to be in Central NY between 9/18 and 10/2.

Make every effort to attend the WRITING WORKSHOPS.  We know that students who seek and receive feedback are more successful – plan to attend as many of these workshops as you can.  They will be held on:

  • Tuesday, September 1                  4-5 pm                 225-B Eggers
  • Wednesday, September 2           10-11 am              225-B Eggers
  • Friday, September 4                       2-3 pm                 225-B Eggers
  • Tuesday, September 8                  3-4 pm                 341 Eggers
  • Wednesday, September 9           10-11 am              225-B Eggers
  • Friday, September 11                     3-4 pm                 225-B Eggers


Each time you attend a writing session, you need to bring 5 paper copies of both your essays.

And don’t forget the IIE webnairs for applicants found at:  FPA Workshops & Webinars


Campus Interviews

  • Each SU Fulbright applicant will be interviewed by a team of 2 SU faculty members.  The applications will be assigned to the teams after we receive all applications on September 15th.
  • Your faculty team will contact you directly to tell you when and where your interview will be held.  You are expected to be there! If you have a conflict, adjust your own schedule, as you are required to attend your Fulbright campus interview.
    • Your interview team will contact you using the phone or email on your application – make sure that information is correct!
    • If you are NOT going to be in Central NY between September 19 and October 2 – we can make arrangements for a phone interview.  But this can only happen IF YOU TELL ME NOW!  Email me immediately if you need special arrangements for your interview.
    • Dress nicely for the interview.  Suits are not required, but jeans and a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite band/beverage blazoned across your chest are not appropriate.
    • No two interviews will be alike. Your interviewers may ask you questions on wide range of topics, including but not limited to:
    • Your qualifications for the program that you propose
    • The validity or feasibility of your proposed program
    • Knowledge of your proposed host country and why you chose to study / teach there
    • If appropriate, your language skills
    • How you will represent the USA and SU if you become a Fulbright Scholar


Do remember that Fulbright is looking for mature, motivated individuals who can function independently in environments or situations that are foreign to them, and who will be appropriate representatives of the USA during their time abroad.  Your interview team will be looking for you to demonstrate those qualities as well.