Fulbright Hint #7

By now you should have a completed a first draft of all parts of your application, and you should be working on edits and polishing.

If you are applying for a full (research) Fulbright – you need an affiliation letter. Follow the directions for your specific country, but in general remember that…
Plain e-mails are not acceptable
PDFs of a letter attached to an email, or sent electronically are ok.
The point is that Fulbright wants to see you affiliation document on actual, official, letterhead.

There are no specific requirements for the letter of affiliation (except that it must be on official letterhead – see above), and it is up to the host institution as to the level/kind of support they are willing to offer you, but your your affiliation letter should state the following:
• Who the host affiliation organization is and what they do
• Knowledge of and enthusiasm for your project and your goals (can be broad strokes)
• Nature of connection, how the host institution will assist you, e.g., help you network, allow you to shadow or assist staff, etc.
The salutation of the affiliation should simply read: Dear Fulbright Selection Committee:

We very strongly encourage every applicant to attend 1 — or 2 — or all (!) of the Writing and Workshop Sessions that the SU Fulbright Committee offers.


Are you going to be in Syracuse before classes start? Then plan to attend the Scholarship Boot Camp! We’ll work intensively on all aspects of your application during this session.

• Tuesday, August 25 1:30 – 4:30 pm 225-b Eggers Hall

Please bring your laptop and 5 hard copies of your essays to this session.
Please RSVP by emailing jlorourk@syr.edu to let us know that you plan to attend the Scholarship Boot Camp.

Also be sure to attend 1 or more of the Fulbright Writing Sessions. Working in teams, we’ll help you polish and perfect your essays.

• Tuesday, September 1 4-5 pm 225-B Eggers
• Wednesday, September 2 10-11 am 225-B Eggers
• Friday, September 4 2-3 pm 225-B Eggers
• Tuesday, September 8 3-4 pm 341 Eggers
• Wednesday, September 9 10-11 am 225-B Eggers
• Friday, September 11 3-4 pm 225-B Eggers

Each time you attend a writing session, you need to bring 5 paper copies of both your essays.

Remember: Your Complete Fulbright Application is due on Monday, September 15th at 12 noon.